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Transit Information
A seven member Board of Trustees is appointed by the Sangamon County Board of Supervisors to oversee the policies and operations of the District. The Trustees serve staggered 5-year terms.
Current Board Members
Brian Brewer, Chairman
Susan Davsko, Vice Chairperson
Karen Hasara, Treasurer
Jerry Doss, Trustee
Leslie McCarthy, Trustee
Sandra Douglas, Trustee
Wynne Coplea, Trustee
Budget for FY-14
$14.8 million
Funding Sources by % of Contribution to Total Operating Budget
  • State 62%
  • Local 18%
  • Federal 10%
  • Farebox 9%
  • Other* 1%
*Other includes advertising income and interest income.
Fleet Information
By Service Type
- Fixed Route: 58
- Paratransit: 18

By Fuel Type
- CNG: 31
- Diesel: 26

By Size
- 30' Coaches: 8
- 35' Coaches: 49
Employee Information
27 Administrative

A.T.U. Local 1249
75 SMTD Bus Operators
20 Maintenance Technicians

SEIU Local 73
21 Access Springfield Bus Operators
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