Lost & Found

Reporting a Lost Item

Left something on a bus? We may be holding onto it for you.

Lost items found on SMTD buses are turned in to our dispatch office at 928 S. 9th Street. Call (217) 522-5531 to see if your item has been turned in.

Lost & Found Retrieval Tips

  • Items sometimes aren't found until the the bus has returned to the garage at the end of a shift. It is best to wait and call the next day to see if SMTD has found your item.
  • When you call, be ready with information that can help us identify your lost item, such as a detailed description or a unique characteristic of an item.
  • Knowing the bus number or route can help.

At no time does SMTD assume responsibility for lost items. Items in the SMTD Lost & Found are disposed of each Friday. If an item was turned in on a Thursday or Friday, it is kept until the following Friday.