Regional Maintenance Center


SMTD, in conjunction with the Illinois Department of Transportation (IDOT) developed a regional maintenance demonstration program for paratransit vehicles operated by agencies within a 60-mile radius of Springfield.

The need for such a program became apparent due to the lack of technically sophisticated maintenance services available to many of the small, rural paratransit operators of these vehicles.

IDOT representatives believed that the expertise required for these vehicles was available at the urban transit properties, many of whom operate the same vehicles in their complementary ADA service. The availability of technical expertise, concentrated in one urban public transit service department, provides the opportunity for quality service at the lowest possible cost.

IDOT chose the Sangamon Mass Transit District to pilot the program. Response to the program has been overwhelming and the program has been replicated at other urban systems in the state.

This service is available to any nonprofit grantee within a 60-mile radius of Springfield, Illinois. Agencies that receive Section 5310 paratransit vehicles or 5311 operating funds from IDOT's CVP program are given first priority in scheduling repairs.

In addition, a loaner vehicle is available on a first-come, first-served basis, for the agency's use while its vehicle is in for repairs. There is a mileage charge for use while the vehicle is in service, but no charge is made for miles driving the vehicle from Springfield and back. This will not only allow the operator to continue its current level of service, but will make it possible for one person to bring the vehicle in for service, and allow SMTD the necessary time to complete the repair properly. A CDL license is not required to operate this loaner vehicle.

The intent of this project is to serve as a maintenance resource center for non-routine maintenance and repair. This program is not designed to compete with local private repair shops for routine service. The only instances a routine maintenance item would be contemplated would be: (1) if while in the completion of a major repair on a vehicle it would be determined, by both parties, that it would be advantageous in cost, time and/or safety to have the item repaired at that time; (2) if the vehicle owner determines that the needed maintenance could not be repaired satisfactorily by another source.

To schedule a repair time for your vehicle, simply call the SMTD service department. SMTD will work with your schedule and, if needed, will reserve a loaner vehicle for you. When you bring your equipment in for repair, SMTD staff will complete an overall vehicle inspection, and inform you in writing of both the extent and the estimated cost of the needed repair. You will also be notified of any additional need for repair that our staff may note, that was not in the original request. No work will be initiated without your approval


Policies and Procedures for the Regional Maintenance Center 

Application forms, agreements, etc. for this program may be requested by calling (217) 670-9171 or by e-mailing

  1. A pre-registration form and loaner agreement must be completed by the user agency prior to any repair work being performed by SMTD. (printed forms are available at the SMTD offices)
  2. As part of the pre-registration, an agency must obtain concurrence from its governing board to participate in the program and to authorize payment to SMTD.
  3. Payments for repair work shall be recieved by SMTD within 30 days of invoice.
  4. The agency must provide proof of insurance covering the loaner vehicle prior to its use by the agency, and while it is in possession of the agency.
  5. Any damage to the loaner vehicle shall be the responsibility of the borrowing agency.
  6. The loaner vehicle will be provided with a full tank of fuel. The agency shall return the vehicle to SMTD with a full tank of fuel.
  7. The program for paratransit vehicle repair is open to all non-profit Section 5310 and Section 5311 grantees, and other non-profit social service agencies within a 60-mile radius of Springfield Illinois.