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SMTD is on the verge of several changes that will impact passengers, operators and just about anyone interacting with us: 

  1. We are just weeks away from releasing a new Passenger Guide that will replace our folding maps, giving passengers and visitors information about routes, schedules and other aspects of SMTD in an easier-to-use format.  
  2. Over the next year or so, we will be implementing onboard technology and bus tracking technology that will provide real time information to passengers and automatic stop announcements along the routes.  
  3. Demolition is currently underway at 9th & Adams, the first phase in providing an off-street Transfer Center that will replace the current Transfer Center at 5th & Capitol.
  4. The Transfer Center move will necessitate significant changes to our current system, as several current routes will no longer be able to operate on time on the current schedules.
  5. When the current technology upgrade is completed, long-range planning calls for upgrading our fare collection system.

With this rough framework in mind and the realization that our budget will not likely grow – and could be reduced - during this time, as many significant changes are made, what would you like to see SMTD service look like in two to five years?  More specifically, if you were not required to think within the existing routes, what changes would you like to see most?

All feedback is used for internal purposes only and will not be shared with any third party.

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